Minghorng has 47 years of experience in the production of deep brake parts, focusing on the improvement of the performance of the brakes and the quality of the brakes to ensure the safety of consumers. In 2010, a research and development center was set up to invest in professional researchers, and a chassis power meter with vehicle braking performance test was set up, and multiple sets of actual road vehicle braking test equipment were introduced.

In 2014, the company cooperated with the research team of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology to invest in the development of the brake system. After three years of successful research and development, the world's only "Variable Combined Brake System (VCBS)" and "Automatic compensation of the brake drum clearance" Shoe (Shoe Wearing Compensator, SWC).

VCBS is a brand new brake linkage design. It is applied to the locomotive double drum and disc drum brake system. In addition to the general CBS function, it has the ability to automatically adjust the front and rear braking force according to the driver's braking force and improve the body. Stability and avoiding the performance of rear wheel slip to ensure the safety of the driver.

SWC is the world's only drum brake safety device. It is applied to the drum brake system. It provides automatic adjustment when the brake is used to make the sheet wear more than a certain amount, and automatically maintains the gap between the brake shoe and the brake drum within a certain range. Solve the brake safety problem caused by the brake shoe wear and reduce the risk of the front brake being activated by the traditional CBS due to the brake shoe wear.

There are also a number of brake system researches, and it has been proposed to become a leader in brake systems in domestic and foreign patent applications.