CBS allows locomotives to avoid ploughing

United News Network - VCBS allows locomotives to avoid ploughing

Many people have been injured and sent to hospitals because of accidental car accidents. Minghong Industrial, which has worked as a foundry system for many locomotive manufacturers, cooperated with Pingke University to develop "VCBS" (variable proportional car linkage system) three years ago. ), I hope that not only can it comply with regulations, but it can also reduce accidents.

European regulations require that ABC (anti-locking system) or CBS (locomotive linked braking system) must be installed in locomotives below 125CC in 2017, and Taiwan will be implemented in 2019, but ABS will only start when the tires are slipping, and the price will be higher. High, so most people also prefer CBS. CBS is a way for the driver to press the handle of a single brake, so that the rear wheel will brake the car before and after the car, in addition to preventing the crash, but also improve the braking force.

However, at present, CBS is a fixed-proportion configuration, and it is impossible to adjust the ratio of front and rear wheel brakes depending on the road conditions. Therefore, Minghong Industry has cooperated with Pingke University for 3 years to develop a VCBS that can adjust the front and rear rims of the vehicle. "VCBS is the only technology in the world." Professor Zeng Quanyou of the Department of Vehicle Engineering at Pingke University said that VCBS has the function of general CBS. Because of its ability to adjust the brakes, the people who ride the locomotives do not feel the recoil. Smooth, even infants and young children will not shake their heads.

"Brake car is a kind of social responsibility." Bai Jinchuan, chairman of Minghong Industry, said that in the past, the VCBS system was developed but failed. Therefore, from the cooperation with the Industrial Science Bureau and the development of VCBS with the help of the Industrial Bureau three years ago, "the company has finally succeeded in research and development." At present, the invention patents of 10 countries have been obtained, and several locomotive manufacturers have come to discuss the willingness to cooperate.

Bai Jinchuan also said that although Minghong is a small and medium-sized enterprise, it will not set aside the research and development, and will establish a "Smart Brake R&D Center" in the school. Through technology linking industries and talents, it will continue to develop safer braking systems in the future.

"It's really comfortable." The people who tried to ride said that they didn't expect to have the same feeling of riding a car as a car. They hoped that they could buy the locomotive with the relevant equipment as soon as possible on the market. Zhang Fengqi, managing director of Minghong Enterprise, said that the locomotive equipped with VCBS equipment will be available in Taiwan as soon as next year.