Free Times - from the girl to do Aunt Ming Hong industrial reuse retired silver hair

Free Times - from the girl to do Aunt Ming Hong industrial reuse retired silver hair

[Reporter Hong Chenhong / Kaohsiung Report]

Minghong Industry valued the experience of the silver-haired family, and hired a 60-year-old retired Japanese general manager to serve as the general manager. It also relied on the ability of 13 retired employees to let Chen Xiurui be aunt from the girl, and still enjoy working in the year of the flower.

Minghong Industry is located in Renwu District and was established in the Republic of China in 1988. The company develops aluminum alloy OME die-casting technology to produce precision machining components such as locomotive frame, brake system, ship and agricultural machine. The customers are at home and abroad. .

This 46-year-old company has many senior employees who have served for more than 30 years. The second generation chairman Bai Jinchuan dismissed the experience and serious loyalty of the old employees and disappeared with retirement. Inviting them to "work together for the company." !"

At the age of 60, Chen Xiurui has been serving the company for more than 40 years. She has been a good-natured tester from the girl. She usually takes the quality control test of the die-cast material. "After the eye, it can judge whether the product meets the quality within a few seconds", and it encounters unevenness or overflow. The burrs are then trimmed with a pneumatic polishing machine, which is fast and precise.

Lin Jinchuan, who has retired as a manager, is 62 years old. He is familiar with the operation of each department of the company and can always propose production improvement measures to adjust the production line to the smoothest progress.

Bai Jinchuan also invited two 60-year-old Japanese peers to serve as general managers, responsible for business at home and abroad, to connect the business with the international community, and to use the Ministry of Labor's "re-design" to create a friendly workplace for these senior employees and reduce physical strength. Loss.

Bai Jinchuan said: "Retirement at 55 years old, at least 10 years can be played." Minghong has 200 employees, accounting for 48% of middle and senior age.

Cheng Taiyun, Director of the High-screen East Branch, said that the long-term accumulation of knowledge, skills and experience of middle-aged and elderly people, coupled with the traits of loyalty, stability and cooperation, have become the advantages of being able to re-energize the workplace. The Ministry of Labor encourages retired silver-haired people to re-enter the workplace, while also subsidizing enterprises to create a career for middle-aged employees.

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